De Beauvoir Road De Beauvoir Road De Beauvoir Road Project Sheet.pdf

Where: Hackney, N1

Who For: The Benyon Estate

What: 33 units, 462 sqm commercial

Architect: Waugh Thistleton

The site is currently occupied by a single storey building containing three retail units. The building is poor quality and represents an inefficient use of land in this central, accessible area. The wider site is also in need of investment and regeneration. De Beauvoir Road represents the first phase of redevelopment and would see the existing building removed and replaced by a new part six, part nine storey block. At ground level, a replacement retail unit would be situated, providing jobs and facilities for local people. Above this, 33 flats would be located, with affordable and family provision. The building, at up to nine storeys in height, would act as a balance to the three adjoining 19 storey point blocks and other lower rise buildings nearby. CMA Planning secured planning permission in January 2014, following detailed consideration of the application by the Council. Key issues addressed included relationship of the proposal to future wider development plans, access arrangements, height, affordable levels and mixture of tenures.