Hayling Island Hayling Island Hayling Island Project Sheet.pdf

Hayling Island Where: Station Road, Havent

Who For: Hayling Island Builders

What: 59 units and 1250 sqm commercial Hayling Island

Architect: CSa

The site is open land which lies largely outside the identified urban boundary,. It comprises 2.4ha and is located at the northern edge of West Town in South Hayling. The site along with other land containing an existing commercial garage and builder’s yard at the Station Road frontage, is included for mixed development, comprising 75 new homes and 1,0000 square metres of new employment floorspace in the Council’s Local Plan (Allocations Document), which allocates sites for development to meet the Borough’s housing and employment requirements up to 2026. The proposal is for a mixed use development comprising 59 residential units and 1,250 sq m of employment floorspace, and outline planning permission was granted in December 2013. Key issues included the site allocation and Borough housing supply, flooding, ecology relating to Brent Geese along with detailed consideration on design, layout, parking provision and density.