Lanrick Road Lanrick Road Lanrick Rd Project Sheet.pdf

Where: Lanrick Road / Portree Street, Poplar, E14

Who For: Telford Homes

What: 64 residential units, 174 sqm commercial floorspace

Architect: RMA

Lanrick Road is a former industrial site, near the mouth of the River Lea, close to Canning Town. The development proposes two blocks, two to eight storeys in height, with a commercial unit and 64 new homes, all of which would be affordable. CMA Planning originally secured a resolution to grant permission from the London Thames Gateway Development Corporation (LTGDC) in November 2008, for a scheme with 72 units, 35% of which would have been affordable. However, due to the economic climate, the scheme was amended to be 100% affordable, delivered in conjunction with Poplar Harca. The LTGDC granted permission for this revised scheme in September 2009. To ensure this successful resolution, CMA led the team in addressing a number of issues including land use, building height and scale, sunlight and daylight, privacy and sense of enclosure, noise from the A13, density, family units, affordable provision and mix, amenity space, flood risk and Section 106 contributions. A key part of the proposal and the resulting issues was how to have a height, scale and massing that responded to local context by forming an appropriate relationship to both the existing two storey housing in Portree Street as well as the elevated A13. CMA also helped to address the concerns raised by neighbouring residents, helping to alleviate their worries and putting measures forward to address the points made.