Watts Grove Gale Street Watts Grove Gale Street Watts Grove Gale Street Project Sheet.pdf

Where: Bromley by Bow, E3

Who For: Swan Housing Group

What: 50 units Watts Grove / Gale Street

Architect: HLM

This site was originally used as a depot and as a major sub-station, but had been vacant for many years. The proposal was for a complete change of use in to residential, with a scheme which would deliver 50 new homes. CMA Planning worked with Swan to argue for the change of use and for a 100% residential scheme, highlighting the benefits this could bring. The scheme also included a new pedestrian link between Watts Grove and Gale Street. In terms of other issues, CMA worked with the project team to address points relating to daylight/sunlight, disabled parking, prejudicial impact to adjoining commercial operators and height/scale concerns. A key part of the application discussions related to Section 106 contributions, which were successfully argued down on viability grounds from £645,000 to £107,000. Following this, CMA attended and presented at LBTH Committee, securing a resolution to grant planning permission in November 2012.